Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

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A tool for working with screenplay file formats (e.g. fdx, fountain, osf, FadeIn).

Converting to fountain format

Convert from screenplay.fdx to screenplay.fountain

    scripttool fdx2fountain screenplay.fdx screenplay.fountain

Convert from screenplay.fadein to screenplay.fountain

    scripttool fadein2fountain screenplay.fadein screenplay.fountain

Convert from screenplay.osf to screenplay.fountain

    scripttool osf2fountain screenplay.osf screenplay.fountain

Working with fountain files

Pretty print fountain files

    scripttool fountainfmt screenplay.fountain

Render a fountain file as JSON

    scripttool fountain2json screenplay.fountain

Convert from fountain format

Convert from screenplay.fountain to screenplay.fdx

    scripttool fountain2fdx screenplay.fountain screenplay.fdx

Convert from screenplay.fountain to screenplay.fadein

    scripttool fountain2fadein screenplay.fountain screenplay.fadein

Convert from screenplay.fountain to screenplay.osf

    scripttool fountain2osf screenplay.fountain screenplay.osf

Script Reports

NOTE: Currently only fountain documents are supported for reporting. Currently the character list report is implemented as a proof of concept.

List the characters in screenplay.fountain

    scripttool characters screenplay.fountain