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Robert Doiel
Digital Services Programmer
Caltech Libraries

ArchivesSpace is licensed under the Educational Community License v2.

Running ArchivesSpace with Virtualbox/Vagrant

Initial setup

  1. Install Virtualbox
  2. Install Vagrant
  3. Change to the archivesspace-dev directory
    • cd archivesspace-dev
  4. Bring up vagrant
    • vagrant up
  5. SSH into vagrant instance
    • vagrant ssh
  6. Run the aspace-setup.bash in /vagrant
    • /vagrant/aspace-setup.bash
  7. Wait for ArchivesSpace to startup and point your browser at http://localhost:8080 to confirm

Example local setup

Here’s an example of what I would type on my Mac in a Terminal window for the whole process

        git clone
        cd archivesspace-api-workshop/archivesspace-dev
        vagrant up
        vagrant ssh
        # At this point I've SSH'd to the vagrante virtual machine instance
        # This take a little while to run, there are some prompts to answer
        # When complete we'll switch the archivesspace user and start archivesspace
        sudo /archivesspace/v1.5.0/archivesspace/ 
        # You can press Ctrl-C to stop ArchivesSpace running

Proceed to setup things and import data

Initially ArchivesSpace is configured but lacking data isn’t terribly interesting. Use your new Python skills to create a repository and add some content.


Reference Material for learning to develop with ArchivesSpace REST API