Installing Golang from Source on RPi-OS for arm64

By R. S. Doiel, 2022-02-18

This are my quick notes on installing Golang from source on the Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit.

  1. Get a working compiler
    1. go to and download go1.17.7.linux-arm64.tar.gz
    2. untar the tarball in your home directory (it’ll unpack to $HOME/go)
    3. cd go/src and make.bash
  2. Move go directory to go1.17
  3. Clone go from GitHub
  4. Compile with the downloaded compiler
    1. cd go/src
    2. env GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=$HOME/go1.17 ./make.bash
    3. Make sure $HOME/go/bin is in the path
    4. go version