Robert Doiel, Software Engineer/Analyst

Santa Clarita, CA, United States



My interests bridge both my background in Computer Science and the Humanities. Between 1992 and 2015 I was involved in designing, implementing, and maintaining custom content management systems as well as integrating those systems with off the shelf software like Wordpress. I have enjoyed building RESTful/JSON APIs for new and legacy systems against data stores such as MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB and Redis. I enjoy diving deeply into a problem and working through solutions that have measurable results. In Spring 2015 my focus changed to software systems used by academic and research libraries.

I am most comfortable in a Unix environment but have worked in others in the past (e.g. CPM, DOS, Windows 1.x - 95 and Prime Information). I have written and maintained software in many languages over the course of my career (e.g. C, Go, Groovy, InfoBasic, Java, Lisp, NodeJS/JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL). I have experience implementing and running services in cloud based virtual machines. I commonly build software to run on both Intel and ARM processors.

I am currently a Senior Applications Developer in the Digital Library Development group at Caltech Library. Primary focus in recent years has been building tools and systems to meet the Library and Archive’s 21st century needs.

Technical Skills


Senior Application Developer, California Institute of Technology, April 2015 - current

I work for the Caltech Library developing and maintaining library focused software solutions including integrations with ArchivesSpace, EPrints, Invenio RDM as well as custom aggregation and search software.

Programmer/Analyst, USC, January 1992 - April 2015

I was hired in a staff position at USC initially working for the Student Affairs Division eventually transfering to Center for Scholarly Technology. I finished my time at USC as a Senior Software Engineer for the Web Services group in the Technology Enhanced Learning Division of Information Technology Services at the University of Southern California.

Prior to 1992 I worked freelance and in student positions. As a student employee of the University I maintained and improved custom administrative systems built on Prime Information (a variant of the Pick database environment).

Earlier employment did not involve engineering though it did include working for the Social Security Administration as a service representative and claims representative. I entered Federal employment as a GS-4 and left as a GS-9 with career status.



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