Getting things setup

By R. S. Doiel, 2022-10-09

I’m digging my gopherhole on as I wait for my validation to go through. The plan is to migrate content from to here and host it in a Gopher context. It’s interesting learning my way around Reminds me of my student days when I first had access to a Unix system. Each Unix has it own flavors and even for the same Unix type/version each system has it’s own particular variation. Unix lends itself to customization and that why one system can “feel” or “look” different than the next.

I’m trying to remember how to use Pico (vi isn’t available yet). Discovering how far “mkgopher” can go (very far it turns out).

I’m looking forward to validation so I can have access to Git and “move in” to this gopherspace in a more sustainable way.

Things to read and do


7:30 - 7:30; Gopher; Setup; Account verified, Yippee!