Find Bluesky RSS Feeds

With the update to 1.60 of Bluesky we can now follow people on Bluesky via RSS feeds. This makes things much more convienient for me. The RSS feed is visible via the HTML markup on a person’s profile page (which are now public). E.g. My Bluesky profile page is at and if you look at that pages HTML markup you’ll see a link element in the head

 <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" href="/profile/did:plc:nbdlhw2imk2m2yqhwxb5ycgy/rss">

That’s the RSS feed. So now if you want to follow you can expand the URL to

And use if via your feed reader. This is a sweat feature. It allows me to move my reading from visiting the website to getting updates via my feed reader.