The Antenna

finding signal in the noise

The Antenna

An experiment in personal news aggregation

The Antenna is organized around lists of RSS, Atom and JSONfeeds that websites publish to promote their content. Right now Antenna is build the following lists

Collection Description of Posts list
SoCal North Northern end of Southern California socal_north.txt
Pacific Micronesia, Hawaii and the Pacific pacific.txt
Mid Central California’s Central Valley mid_central.txt
Parks From the city, state or national parks parks.txt
Home, Garden & Urban Farm Home, Garden & Urban blogs and news home.txt
Columns Frequent Pocket additions columns.txt
Retro Computing Computer history and systems retro_computing.txt
Games Interactive games games.txt
Libraries Libraries, Archives and Museums libraries.txt
Journalism Journalism and the 4th estate journalism.txt
Tech Likely Miscellanious, often technology related tech_likely.txt
Motorcycles Electric motorcycle and related motorcycles.txt
Writing Writing and Writing Tools writing.txt
Weather NOAA’s and weather.txt
Snapshots A Sometimes daily aggregation snapshots/news.txt

All the feed items are responsibility of the organizations that publish the feed. My choice is the specific feeds I select for my aggregations.

To read more about this experiment in the README file.